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  • Haerenga Tautoko Toru
    Tue, 24 Aug
    24 Aug, 3:30 pm – 26 Aug, 5:30 pm
    Rotorua, Rotorua, New Zealand
    Our previous Haerenga Tautoko have been a huge success. Here comes Sharefest #3! Three afternoons of colleague and outside agency presentations. Sharing of good practice.

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Looking at not so much the behavior but the person behind the behavior

To build resilience we need to build hope.

Awareness of ace

Functional behavior inquiry + behavior plans

Tell kids to have HOPE

Inwill be copying a slide about HOPE on.my classroom window

The brain boost games and ideas.

Think about all viewpoints as much as possible. The issue behind the behaviour.Thank you Debbie, ASL's (and Kaitao staff) for all your mahi and hosting today. Rose Powleytoday.

Treat the person ...

Continue to make relationships the key to my teaching

Better ways to apply for ORs funding


strategies around reducing anxiety with students

That we are dependant on each other to support our tamariki. We need to work with our communities and whanau and make a plan. External support is too difficult to get and is only for the extreme cases. We need to make the plan in simple steps ourselves.

Be more aware of unconscious bias

Always have hope & keeping building relationships

Was very interesting to learn new ways to help the children

I will add aspects of todays presentation to my classroom IEP. For example, Whare tapa rima goals for the student with the student.

Reminder of the importance of relationships - to look at the context of negative behaviours (& considering what may be reinforcing this/these behaviour/s - cause)

The importance of hope, and some ways to try to build it in our rangatahi.

Some the information around Sheree’s & Jaco’s presentation around understanding behaviour, also to be non bias and approach any situation with the intention to understand m.

To look at a situation presented holistically and to ttry not to judge the individual and their whanau.

perspectives on hope-based learning approach

Instill hope into all students, especially those struggling in class or with school.

The fantastic info on hope best talk and presenter thank you.

An invigorated stance to practice fiercely :)

The power of KINDNESS ☺️

Focussing on hope and ensuring bias is as removed as possible.

There is a lot to take away from today. I will definitely try and support students with anxiety within my classroom.

Lots of reminders that relationships with parties and getting to know students is vital to promote wellness and allow for hope to be taught / learned.

Tips from helping children who suffer with anxiety


Loved Jaco Nel and Alfred du plessis speeches - Learnt how to have an emergency plan ready to be used in the time I need in the classroom.

It was a good refresher. I learnt about Northern Health School applications and what they are able to help with.

Importance of lessening events of childhood trauma. What happens to us is important but how we choose to respond more important. HOPE- Health, Others, Purpose, Engagement

To include Hauora values into IEPs

Giving children and whanau hope for the future.

The HOPE model of Albert's and the reinforcement that we do not have enough readily available services

Using the PHN to help children with toileting problems as I didn't know they offered that service until I went to their workshop yesterday.

Already trying some of those things.

Loved kiwican all tbe different interactive activites. Assesing behaviour with more ideas.

Look at student issues and work out little steps to support changes not prejudge because of a diagnosis for the student, and believe there is always hope if you look for it.

As a newby to my role I found the speakers were all outstanding and know I will not listen to others as much on what their interpretation is to a situation. Sometimes how a child is reacting in their day may be due to circumstances going on we do not know about and change of behaviour from me may help.