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Hauora Pānui - Issue 15 (Term 1, 2021)

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Congratulations on making it to the end of Term 1, 2021. What a term it has been!

  • Across School Leaders have been meeting with Within School Leaders and Senior Management within each individual school to develop action plans which align school charters and the Kāhui Ako achievement challenges so there is a clear direction for each school.

  • Our future pānui will focus on all of our achievement challenges and have several contributors.

  • Within School Leaders have begun contributing to the reporting to principals for the hui held twice per term.

  • A number of schools are sharing information for Graduate Profile development and reviews.

  • There are discussions around assessment types and schedules, preparing for transitions and how our schools can best support one another to streamline the pathway for our students as they move between our schools.

Kahui Ako - Across School Teacher Roles - Hauora

Congratulations to Shelley Honig (Rotorua Specialist School) and Alexi Thompson (Western Heights High School) who have been appointed as Across School Leaders for Te Maru o Ngongotahā Kāhui Ako. We are excited to be working with you both and look forward to seeing more mahi around hauora for our tamariki and rangatahi. While Alexi and Shelley have been attending some hui and getting to know the role over the past few weeks, they will officially begin in their roles in Term 2.

Stronger Schools (formerly known as Leading Lights)

Please find some of the latest updates that can be found Leading Lights (now known as Stronger Schools) in the screenshot of the pānui attached (you will need to login and search to get to the information - this is a screenshot not a direct link)

Some LSC's and other staff this was shared with earlier have found the resources for selective mutism really helpful. Stronger Schools has a really good search engine which covers many conditions and offers advice for practical next steps.

I have also attached the information sheet for Leading Lights and login info for those who are new or have forgotten how to access

2020-05-09_LD Leading Lights Information
Download • 69KB

Wellbeing in Schools Partnership

To date the WISP have held meetings and engaged with at least 10 of the 22 schools in Rotorua Central CoL and Te Maru o Ngongotaha Kahui Ako. Our aim is to look at cases with LSC’s and other school personnel to empower them to act / continue to work / find next (small) steps. Where there is a practitioner already involved we seek to connect the right people and do not interfere with any clinical advice.

As schools have become more familiar with the process we have been able to engage with classroom teachers and whānau, where appropriate, to reach better outcomes. LSC’s alongside the Kaiwhakahaere are more able to plan for a successful hui and ensure the right people are at the table.

Further and improved engagement from MSD and MOE includes sharing of information for the website, involvement from MOE psychologist in some WISP hui at schools. We have engaged positively with RTLB and often have personnel present at hui alongside school personnel and WISP members.

The benefits of knowing who the contacts are in each organisation are helping education reach out to health and health being able to reach into education in order to reduce duplication, build relationships and provide better outcomes.

Where we have had health reach into education for assistance the outcomes have been very beneficial for whānau. One example of this is a student who had only partially completed a developmental assessment. Through trusting relationships in school, the school was able to connect with the whānau with the WISP Social Worker during appointments at the hospital, further develop trust of the system in health and eventually get agreement for the assessment to be completed. A further whānau hui, with WISP personnel at the table will develop next steps for the outcomes for this student. Further examples of this are in relation to high health needs funding, where we have been able to directly connect school personnel and paediatricians already working with patients and almost immediately complete the appropriate paperwork.

We are happy to advise whether the WISP is the right process for addressing your needs. Feel free to make contact with your LSC, SENCo, RTLB and Debbie Holmes or register on our website (using your school email).

Resilience Documentary

There was a great turn out for the documentary viewing at Reading Cinemas on the 12th April. We hope that this was helpful in further developing your understanding of a Trauma Informed Approach. We look forward to being able to offer you more opportunities to develop this approach in your schools, through Kāhui Ako PLD, Werry Workforce offerings through the DHB and other readings and information as they become available to us.

I am currently in the process of organising a presentation by Dr Moana Eruera and Dr Leland Ruwhiu to focus on how we tautoko our tamariki impacted by trauma in all its forms. Keep on the lookout for updates for this date, which will hopefully be in the week of May 24th-26th.

This newsletter also includes some useful readings, podcasts and information

Online Safety Information Evening

It was disappointing to have only about 30 whānau attend the Online Safety Information Evening at Kaitao Intermediate. We do however now own the film and are able to offer further viewings of this is in our schools for our community. Please contact Debbie Holmes if you would like access to the film for viewing with your whānau within your own schools.

The information for parents is vital in keeping our young people safe, and parents really need to understand the risks their children are currently facing.

Emergency Housing and Transport

Te Maru o Ngongotahā and Rotorua Central Kāhui Ako have partnered to obtain funding for students in emergency housing to get to school. We currently have approximately 100 students across the city being transported to school in vans funded by URF funding through MOE. The students currently receiving this service were those that schools provided data for before the applications were made. We are well aware that there are many more students not yet on these lists who could also benefit.

Alongside the transport we have Whanau Connectors working to ensure that these students have what they need to arrive at school each day and that we are also reaching those students not engaged in school. We aim for the Whanau Connectors to work alongside other agencies such as MSD who have Navigators in the motels to ensure these whānau are making connections with the right people and feel supported by our kura.


My 20 year old daughter recently sent me an audiobook she thought I should listen to "Women Don't Owe You Pretty". I am still deciphering the message behind her wanting me to listen to it and definitely took some important learning and ideas from the section on privilege. The attached lists and questions which are discussed in the book are useful in thinking through how our different privileges affect our thinking, our reactions and our everyday lives.

Taking Care of Your Own Wellbeing

Well done on a successful Term 1. Enjoy a well deserved 2 week non-contact period and make sure to:

  • book out some time for annual leave

  • set your email reply to out of office

  • make sure your emails are not connected to your personal phone

  • be deliberate about the days you are working and the days you are resting

  • RECHARGE and enjoy!

Debbie Holmes

Deputy Principal - Kaitao Intermediate

Kahui Ako Lead Principal

Kaiwhakahaere - WISP

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