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Hauora Pānui - Issue 16 (Term 2, 2021)

Welcome to the latest issue of Te Maru o Ngongotahā Kahui Ako Pānui. As we near the end of Term 2 I have been reflecting that although Term 2 has been a busy term, that in general, other teachers and principals I have spoken to seem less frazzled than at the end of Term 1. I really hope that is evident across all of our schools and that you are ending the term well.

Hauora Across School Leaders

Congratulations again to Shelley Honig (Rotorua Specialist School) and Alexi Thompson (Western Heights High School) who have been appointed as Across School Leaders for Te Maru o Ngongotahā Kāhui Ako.

Alexi and Shelley have been collecting information in all of your schools this term in order to progress with their role and allocate and provide much needed Hauora PLD as per the action plans developed with your principal and Within School Leaders. They will be working in conjunction with CORE education to deliver the resilience Package we have been able to secure through our PLD funding.

Shelley and Alexi thank you all for the warm welcome into their role and into your schools as they make their way around to meet with you all.

Emerging Minds Newsletter

I recently signed up to the this valuable newsletter, which I have been sharing with Learning Support Coordinators. There are a range of useful links and information in each pānui, which may be of interest and assistance to you in your practice. Please find the link here. This newsletter focuses on a variety of aspects of child mental health.

Kathryn Berkett PLD

With the advice of several of our Learning Support Coordinators we have been able to secure PLD for our Kahui Ako with Kathryn Berkett. She is coming to Rotorua for our Kahui Ako on the 21st October. Venue and outline of the program are yet to be confirmed and will be shared with you via your WSL and Principal.

Alexi Thompson recently attended her Auckland Workshop, and has this to share: Kathryn Berkett’s ‘The Rise of Anxiety’ is an interesting and informative presentation that helps teachers to understand what some of the causes of anxiety are, often stemming from the foundation years. She uses neuroscience and clearly explains what some of the stress responses are for fight, flight and freeze, and then how we can help students return to calm from those. Berkett uses the Some Boys Have Mullets mnemonic for how to keep the survival brain calm, and she also provides some strategies for attuned adults to take opportunities to help our tamariki develop emotional resilience.

Berkett is engaging, funny and easy to listen to and learn from.

Rita Pierson

TED talk from Rita Pierson which is all about hauora, relationships and being champions for our tamariki. Shelley Honig says "Every time I see this TED talk it inspires me. Rita Pierson died at the age of 61 in 2013 but she's left a real legacy behind her."

Just a fun story from Rita - the Mumma rule:

TedTalk Links

Rawiri Waretini-Karena

Curtis Bristowe

Leonie Pihama’s webinar

Also of interest

TOD review and feedback

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Hauora Teacher Only Day at Kaitao Intermediate. Feedback indicated that there was a shift in the confidence of teachers and teacher aides from a range of 4-10 to a range of 6-10 with many more in the higher end for teachers showing confidence to be able to support hauora needs.

The Teacher Only Day was well attended by both health and education. 180 teachers and teacher aides attended. A consistent message throughout the day was able to be delivered through the main keynote speakers, Phyllis Tangitu, Alfred du Plessis, Jaco Nel and Sheree Briggs.

The afternoon breakouts offered presentations and workshops by Public health nurses, Northern Heath school, Kiwican, Sport BOP, Kohiko Mai and information for applying for ORS funding.

The Te Maru o Ngongotaha Kahui Ako team are in the process of planning the next Haerenga Tautoko in the week of 24th - 26th August, 2021. We are gathering a range of ideas for the kinds of speakers, presentations and workshops you would like to see. Please complete the survey when forwarded from your WSL. Each school will have their own expectations for this week, and you should check this with your principal.

Some ideas to date include:

  • Nutritionist Teacher wellbeing

  • Te Whare Tapawha in the classroom

  • Mindfulness

  • Karen Gillespie - Northern Health School - The role of NHS and strategies for working with students with anxiety

  • KiwiCanProgramme

  • Sport BoP

  • Police

  • Zones of Regulation/Mana Potential

  • Life Coach

  • Public Health Nurses Services

  • Adrian Minks MOE psychologist - Nurture rooms

  • Core education - Resilience package

  • Cornerstone values 8 Habits Esport

We know you will have many more connections and suggestions for us. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Trauma Informed Approach Champions

Lakes DHB in conjunction with Werry Workforce Whāraurau have developed a pilot training program for Rotorua Lakes District schools to implement trauma-informed approaches (TIA).

The research that informs this training comes from Western (mainly US) and Indigenous research (US and NZ). It is our aim to develop an understanding of the impact of trauma for people in Aotearoa, particularly tangata whenua and how this shapes our understanding of working in a trauma-informed way. The training is divided into four sessions; Realise, Recognise, Respond and Resist Retraumatisation.

There are only 6 spaces left for the pilot project champions to be trained. Training begins 3rd and 4th August (must attend). If you would like to be considered for this training please see your principal and ask them to complete the Expression of Interest form sent to them in June from

Debbie Holmes

Alexi Thompson

Shelley Honig

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