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Hauora Panui - Issue 12, Term 3, 2020

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

It has been a busy term with regard to Hauora. There are a number of initiatives and work streams, some of which have been underway for some time now, which have come to fruition. In particular, the relationship and work Te Maru o Ngongotaha are doing alongside Lakes DHB is seeing results. While these are not yet evident in the classroom, there is work happening, there is progress and there is improvement coming!

Lakes DHB are very conscious of the struggles we have with poor health in our students, issues related to poverty and the increasing prevalence of mental health and learning needs. As we work together we are finding ways to maximise the resources we have between the sectors as well as present and share the data and evidence that will make systemic change. it is exciting and incredibly promising.

See some of the direct links to useful DHB resources in our website Hauora Services page.

Te Maru o Ngongotaha Website

We were very excited to launch the website at the beginning of this term. The website is a culmination of the work that has taken place over the past two years. The intention was to provide a "one stop shop" for information, resources and links that support our achievement challenges.

Thank you to those who have given feedback and shown support for the work that has gone into this.

Learning Support Co-ordinators

Six of the eight LSC's we have been allocated across the Kahui Ako are now working across our Primary Schools. There are two positions to be filled at Western Heights High School. Our LSC's have a wide range of expertise and skills which are providing benefits for our tamariki and rangatahi in new ways.

In February when they were inducted into their new role in Wellington, Minister Martin was adamant that these roles should provide differently than ever before and that if we were continuing to replicate anything else or do things in the same way, that in effect we were wasting the resource and had missed the point.

Andrew Sinclair and I have been working alongside the LSC's to develop a way of working which aligns with Te Whare Tapa Rima to ensure that we are incorporating all aspects of hauora in the thinking behind these roles. Principals will share this document with you when they have discussed further and approved the kaupapa.

Behaviour and Relationship Management

All our Kahui Ako schools have behaviour and relationship management programs/strategies unique to our schools, but which share the same principles. I am in the process of aligning these so that each school can see where their own principles sits alongside other schools within the Kahui Ako and then also fits within the Te Whare Tapa Rima framework. Having these shared understandings and. language across the schools can only make transitions for our tamariki and rangatahi more seamless.

Behaviour Management - Te Maru o Ngongot
Download • 14KB


A large amount of work has gone into transitions between primary and intermediate and intermediate and secondary. We are pleased to be continuing to strengthen the relationships between the schools and therefore the outcomes for students and their whānau.

There has been a perception that the intermediate does not value or use the achievement data provided by their contributing school. I would like to assure you that this is definitely not the case and that the information you share with Kaitao Intermediate is highly valued. It is really important to us that we are able to continue to provide excellent opportunities for the students you have nurtured through primary school. As teachers, we all have the same goal in mind.

There are a number of really great learning stories within our Kahui Ako school for transitioning students to school from early childhood and to intermediate. These social stories are particularly useful for children with ASD and anxiety however are helpful for all children who are about to undergo periods of change. See your LSC if you need any assistance locating or writing one of these useful stories for your setting.

Your LSC will have received transition information from us by now and will be in the process of organising visits and data gathering, as well as individual transition visits for those students who require additional support. Please feel free to contact Debbie Holmes for any further transition information.

Transition for 2021 - dates Term 4
Download ODT • 22KB

Year 6 transition to Kaitao - for 2021
Download O • 15KB

Your Own Wellbeing

As we near the end of another busy term it might be time for you to be able to focus more on your own wellbeing. We all know teachers tend to neglect themselves more and more as the end of term nears and the promise of recovery is just around the corner. Some of you may have heard me talk recently about using the term "Life Blend" rather than "Life Balance". For many of us the survival until the end of the term is how we manage to 'blend" our work life and our outside work life. I don't know about you but when I think of it this way instead of as a balancing act, it feels more like I might have it more in order.

The article linked below has some interesting points about workload, emotional intelligence and different wellbeing models.

Take care for the remainder of the term. Keep well, keep safe and most of all be kind.

Debbie Holmes

Deputy Principal - Kaitao Intermediate

ASL - Hauora

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