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Achievement Challenge - Hauora


As a Community of Learning I Kāhui Ako, we realise the importance of physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing to ensure the engagement of all students and their learning. The engagement of parents and whānau is also of critical importance. New Zealand and international research shows that many school factors influence student success. Although there is no single measure for student wellbeing, the factors that contribute to it are interrelated and interdependent.


The ethical responsibility of teachers, leaders and trustees is to consider, promote, balance and respond to all aspects of the student, including their physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual needs. These considerations require deliberate expression and action across all curriculum areas, pastoral care, strategic priorities and teaching practices. 


Achievement Challenge - Te Ao Maori

We want to develop connections and support for those who work in immersion/rumaki settings. An area of concern for parents and schools is the pathway for Māori medium at the end of year 6. While there is some transition to Māori boarding schools and local kura beyond year 6, generally whānau do not see a clear pathway from Kohanga Reo through to secondary schooling.

Achievement Challenge -
Engagement and Transitions


We acknowledge that seamless transitions from early childhood settings to school, between schools, and from school to further education or work is critical to ensure success for our children We need to work alongside Early Childhood Educators (ECE) and our Contributing Schools to build:

1. A shared understanding of the diversity of children in our community

2. Pedagogical practices, such as play-based learning, that best support transition

3.Shared data that allows us to build on the success that children have experienced in ECE.

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