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Trauma Informed Practice

There is increasing evidence that Trauma Informed Practice will be beneficial in having students ready for school and ready to learn.



Trauma Informed Approach Champions

Training Opportunity

Lakes DHB in conjunction with Werry Workforce Whāraurau have developed a pilot training program for Rotorua Lakes District schools to implement trauma-informed approaches (TIA).


The research that informs this training comes from Western (mainly US) and Indigenous research (US and NZ). It is our aim to develop an understanding of the impact of trauma for people in Aotearoa, particularly tangata whenua and how this shapes our understanding of working in a trauma-informed way. The training is divided into four sessions; Realise, Recognise, Respond and Resist Retraumatisation. 25 - 30 Champions will be receiving this training in 2021/2022. Please contact Debbie Holmes for more information.

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