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In the Classroom

Angus MacFarlane

Elementary Classroom

Ann Milne

Chalkboard Drawings

Melinda Webber

Presentation: Understanding and affirming Maori success & potential

- 2019 Te Maru o Ngongotaha Kahui Ako Teacher Only Day

Chalkboard Drawings

Jenni Donohoo

Art Fun

John Hattie

Visible Learning – what works best?

How to put John Hattie’s research into practice

Over View of Hattie's Theories

Girls Talking

Christine Rubie-Davies

How to develop high expectations teaching

Girl in Class

Michelle Johansen

Young Brown Scholars | Michelle Johansson | TEDxManukauInstituteOfTechnology

- poem to use with secondary school student & a message to teachers

Girls at Recess

Readings and Resources (CR&RP)

Kia Eke Panuku

Please find relevant Kia Eke Panuku readings and resources below

In the Classroom

Kia Eke Panuku Readings

Ako - Critical context for learning

Mere Berryman - Belonging and identity through equity

Kia Eke Panuku: What is Privilege? Disrupting the status quo.

Elementary Classroom

Kia Eke Panuku Observations

1. Observation to shadow coaching - taken from Kia Eke Panuku website

2.The Observation Tool

3. Information to assist teachers in using the observation tool (WHHS handout to staff) 

Please see separate sheet/doc entitled - “Mana to mana” KEP Steps

3. An example of how to use and fill in the observation tool

4. Culturally Responsive and Relational Pedagogy Information

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